We Pitched!

So. A quick update. Here is Seqian and Blandine and me in a black-hole, dressed up in their so called business casual and pitched our business case at McGill Dobson Cup Phase 2B! Wow. I am so impressed that the judges actually read our hastily produced seven-page business plan! Who would have thought? Guess we might actually make it through. Nah. Of course we will make it through. Because 1) we are here to make a business, not to win the competition. 2) we care about the feedback more so than anything else. Although the extra bit of cash will not hurt but still they are a drop in the bucket compare to the 2million necessary to get this business self sufficient. 😀

Oh, I also attached the room where we did the presentation when we scouted it out few days before. :P. Too bad I did not get to test out their projectors because too many pictures were washed out.