MotionCorrect … in action!


It has been a while since I updated our progress. Our team has been keeping busy. 🙂

We recruited numerous advisors who have very kindly agreed to provide both clinical (Dr. Chankowsky & Kathleen) and technical (Dr. Near) insight into the application of our future venture as well as market outlook.

Additional, we conclude a week-long observation at a local hospital where we truly attempted to experience the clinical dilemma and challenges that MRI technician face on a daily basis. Who would have thought, even intubated unconscious stroke patients move during MRI scanners and introduce artifacts. We would have never guessed, even with years of research MRI exposure. The setup is similar to what is shown in this picture. We kindly respected the unwritten rule about patient privacy and did not take any pictures/recordings there as common sense dictated. 😛

On the other hand, we have just submitted our seven-page business plan to the McGill Dobson cup for Phase 2b, where we will pitch our business idea in 10 minutes and receive some interesting feedback. We are very proud of our work and look forward to interact with entrepreneurial communities in Montreal areas.

Lastly, we are incorporating soon (NUANS name search already done). Sure it is just another typical step in the long journey to actually achieve something, but it symbolically represent our team members’ commitment towards making this a real venture. We talked to a few legal personnel about it and it should be done very shortly.