Mission, Vision and Value


  • MotionCorrect


  • Helping people
  • Help Sylvie Papazian, and the type of MRI problem she runs into


  • To make Neuroimaging Easier for Everyone Involved
  • To help people.
  • To make a sustainable growth that encapsulate all North American market.
  • Make Neuroimaging Accessible
  • Make Neuroimaging Accessible to All


  • Utilizability: We must make useful product that make life of people easier.
  • Social Responsibility: We make profit responsibly, to society, to environment based on validated scientific principles.
  • Do no harms to individuals.


  • Innovation above profit: internal pilot grant for innovation.
  • Agency: Each employee has a brain… use it.
  • Meritocracy
  • Transparency (inter, intra departmental)
  • Respect: we value respect each and every employee, regardless of rank.
  • Agile like coding.
  • Honesty, Trust, Ethical Conducts and Social Responsibility.
  • Passion
  • Team Work (Work hard as a team)
  • Personal growth / (Help each other reach their personal goals)
  • Efficiency


  • Let US Make Imaging Easy.
  • Your Motion, Our Correction.
  • Establishing the New Gold Standard
  • We will be there.