About Us

Who we are:

We are a seed stage start-up based in Montreal and Rochester collaborating with several neuroimaging research centres in the Montreal/Rochester regions (McGill BIC, UNF at UdM, St Justine, Concordia Perform, Douglas Hospital) to iterate, validate and improve a motion correction solution, and get clinical adoption by 2018. Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of MRI researchers, MBA graduates, medical scientists and seasoned industrial entrepreneurs with decades of experience.


Where are we at:

We are currently in the process of licensing the relevant patent from NIH. We plan to develop and refine the prototype during 2016, with clinical adoption by 2018.


What do we offer:

For researchers, we provide motion data for subsequent analyses. For patients, we offer a more comfortable and safer scanning experience. For clinicians, we give you images with no blur and lesser ambiguity. For more detailed information about the specific services we offer, check our services offered.

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